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The World's Biggest Cash Machine

The World's Biggest Cash Machine

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The World's Biggest Cash Machine: Manchester United, The Glazers, and The Struggle For Football's Soul.

In this book, renowned business journalist and commentator Chris Blackhurst narrates how the elusive Glazer family transformed the English football club Manchester United, for better or worse. The family acquired the club in a leveraged buyout in 2005; they've earned a lot of profits, but many fans have protested their ownership, claiming they've focused on extracting profits while neglecting the club's needs. 

The author narrates how the Glazers' ownership of Manchester United paved the way for the financialization of professional sports teams and transformed the English Premier League into a playground for billionaires. This book draws from interviews with key figures working behind the scenes with the secretive American family controlling one of Britain's sports darlings. 

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